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Offers and contact

My offers:

Small healing treatment (only with first contact) (small Check-up): (also by phone)
-working with the tensor, advice, clearing, small Chakra work, balance /harmonization,
approx.       20-30min  22,00 Euro

* Akasha reading  
approx.       20-25min. 33.00 Euro
further information under: [email protected]

* Connection to your HS / True Self and
* Light Language Activation:
(Chakra harmonization, alignment and connection)
approx.      40-50 min 55,00 Euro

Medium treatment:
* Setup, - and matrix work:
with problems of all kinds: relationships, partners, family / ancestors, work /job, money, etc.
approx.      35-40 min 44,00 Euro

* Healing treatment in nature (naturwalk):
(Topics and application as above) Special offer:
approx.      45min.    33.00 Euro

* Great healing session
(also possible as a house visit!)
* Working on the massage table
approx.      60-90 min  
                              one hour prize: 70,00 Euro