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The Great Goddess

The great goddess is alive!

Whether as Aphrodite, Inanna, Isis, Nun, Bastet, Artemis, Diana, Kali, Freya, Idun and Tara from past times , -in all these features and qualities , the goddess showed and expressed herself in a multitude .

She lives in all creatures, - in the elements, - in water, -

in air , in soil and in fire .

She shows herself diverse and comprehensive in its nature .

As Mother Earth, as the goddess of life and death , - creator , goddess of destiny and mistress of the cosmic order .

She is always and will always be there in her great versatility .

She provides for us,- lets us be .

She speaks to us,- she remains silent .

She animates us,- she is with us when we rest .

She sets boundaries and envelops us with her love .

She provokes us to discover-transform our "lost parts" to heal and integrate them.

To remember us who we really are.

Fully connected and in truth with her.

With her it is about merging our female and male parts - up to the "Wedding in truth".

The journey to oneness is not a thing that can be done in one night or one day .

It is like a journey with many steps, many partners, many trials and tribulations .

She is not predictable and can not be planned . She is not to be speeded because she needs her own time - in which the goddess,

the source of all life leads and guides.

If we devote ourselves in difficult moments and phases ,

we ask her to remove the "severity" in this form.

This is the true act of devotion .

But even in the act of forgiveness lies all power to heal ourselves to become one again.

Oneness is then when we have all of our parts integrated -

the light and the darkness -

the pleasant and the unpleasant. 

Discovering and living the goddess in us and around us is our destination of the journey.

And to celebrate and honor her together in a gathering at different places and places of power!

Long live the goddess in you . Namaste!